Good Dogs Sticker Pack for iMessage

Welcome to the Good Dogs Support Page!

This app is only for use with iMessage and Stickers are new with iOS10.  Please be sure you’re running iOS10 on your Apple device for full functionality.  



Stickers can be placed in conversation by holding down on them with your finger until they enlarge and animate.  Drag them next to or on top of a text message in your conversation.  The text message you’re attaching the sticker to will darken slightly.  Then just lift your finger off the device display to drop the sticker.

Stickers can be sent to Andriod users as well by selecting them with just a tap and sending them as standard messages (not placed within the conversation, simply sent as it’s own text).

More information can be found on Apple’s iMessage Support Page

Please contact if you have any questions related to the use of the Good Dogs Sticker Pack for iMessage.  Thank you!